If you are looking to sell your home there are a few things you can do to get top dollar for it.

Tip #1: Sweat the Small Stuff… Details Matter

Homebuyers are looking for any excuse not to buy your home. Therefore, it is important to refine the little details that you may not notice when you are living in your home on a daily basis. Buy a new welcome mat, clean up your landscaping, wash down your walkways, open the doors and windows to get fresh air into your house and eliminate stale odors, organize your rooms and closets, and definitely clean your kitchen counters. Also hide things like scrub brushes, plungers, or other unsightly household items. You are trying to create a fantasy, don not leave things around that will detract from it.

Tip #2: Sell By Season

Spring is statistically the best time to sell your house, but this does not mean your home will not sell during Summer, Fall, or Winter. Regardless of what season you are choosing to sell your home in, use seasonal decorations to accent your home and keep potential buyers in there longer.

Winter: use throw rugs and spotlight functional fireplaces. As you get closer to the holidays use decorations like wreaths, pinecone centerpieces, and other festive decorations.

Spring: Candles and fresh-cut flowers will help bring the alluring scents of Spring into your home. Swap dark towels and curtains for bright and inviting spreads, linens, and pillows.

Summer:Showcase patios and other outdoor areas. Again, get rid of dark linens and towels to help make your home feel more inviting.

Fall: Pumpkins by the door and vases of fall foliage will go a long way in making your home seem cozy and inviting. Keep fall leaves at bay and fill your home with seasonal scents like fresh baked apple pie.

Tip #3: Be Honest

Be honest about the history of your home, because the truth will come out one-way or another. Perform a presale inspection so you know what issues your house has before you list it. This will give you the opportunity to either address them now, or disclose them to the seller before they find out from their inspection during the buying process. Trying to hide a major problem could possibly attribute to you not being able to sell your home.

This list is by no means comprehensive. There are still many other factors you need to consider when selling your house such as listing price and what are the market trends in your particular area. For more advice on how to best position your home for a fast and hassle free sale, contact one of the agents at Glenn Realty Group. Our decades of experience are at your disposal.